Video: Lindsey Lohan says BRINCANDO that Ethereum will be worth $10,000 and Bitcoin $100,000

There is a website that allows anyone to pay famous people to talk almost anything. Someone thought it would be a good idea to pay the actress to talk about cryptomoedas.

American actress Lindsay Lohan appeared PLAYING in a video saying that ‚Ethereum will be worth $10,000 and Bitcoin will be worth $100,000′.

„Ethereum goes for $10,000 and Bitcoin goes for $100,000. Enjoy your prosperous 2021 and I hope you can take your Lamborghini to the moon!‘, said Lohan in the video.

The word ‚playing‘ above in capital is to make clear that the video where the actress appears is not a real price forecast.

Some investor thought it would be funny to pay the actress to say that.

Lohan has had a very hectic life in the last few years. She got involved in several scandals and accepted roles in films that did more harm than good to her career.

Besides being an actress, she is a singer, composer and businesswoman. Throughout her career she has participated in films such as ‚Evil Girls‘, ‚Herbie – My Turbine VW Beetle‘ and ‚Very Crazy Friday‘.

Lohan received four awards in 2004 at the ‚Teen Choice Awards‘.

The video was published by the Twitter profile Crypto Tony, and as you can see, there’s a Cameo watermark, a platform where anyone can pay a famous person to make a video talking almost anything, like promoting a business or, in this case, a cryptomoeda.

Lohan’s „forecast“ for the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as about everybody „go to the moon“ in 2021, so it’s just a joke made by an investor who had nothing better to do.

Some, however, especially the actress’s fans or others unaware in the market may get confused and think that she has a time machine and discovered the price of digital currency in the future.

Hiring the actress to make a video promoting „anything“ has a cost of $ 350, about $ 1,862.

Besides the actress, Cameo allows several other famous people to be hired to promote her business. You can choose from athletes, musicians, comedians, actors and much more.

The video was viralized on Twitter and already has more than 300 thousand views, the comments are as varied as possible.

Some said they did not recognize the actress, while others, the most critical, said it is time to sell.

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