Microsoft releases passport against Bitcoin-based Coronavirus

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, one of the greatest concerns for all governments has been how to safely reopen their economies. Appearing as the best model so far the „contact tracking“ implemented in South Korea. And as part of this effort to safely end the quarantine, Microsoft is launching its Bitcoin Rush raised Coronavirus passport.

Experts work on Blockchain passport to monitor COVID-19

The war against the Coronavirus
For at least a century, humanity has not witnessed a crisis like that of the Coronavirus. It has affected absolutely every country in the world, regardless of borders or geographical distance. Causing hundreds of thousands of deaths to mourn. In addition to a deep economic crisis that has brought the world’s major nations to their knees.

Thus, the greatest concern of most governments to date. It has been to obtain mechanisms to be able to end the quarantine, allowing the reactivation of the economy. Without endangering the population while obtaining a vaccine for the Coronavirus.

This has led to the emergence of several technological solutions. These range from custom QR codes implemented in China, which guarantee the health of the person who owns them. Even contact-tracking applications in South Korea. They tell people if they have been in contact with someone infected by the Coronavirus, according to their daily routine.

In the West, a similar solution has not been developed so far. Despite the joint efforts of companies like Google and Apple, to create an application to track the contact of individuals. While respecting their privacy, and keeping the data away from their governments.

Coronavirus crisis is a test for altcoins

The Microsoft Bitcoin-based Passport
But, although there is no definitive solution to this problem in the West. Yes, there have been several proposals that allow the gradual opening of the economy. These include the creation of a kind of virtual passport, based on Bitcoin, which guarantees the health of its holders.

This passport to combat Coronavirus would be a product of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF). A grouping of organizations that would look for a solution to implement contact tracking as soon as possible. Being led by Microsoft and ConsenSys.

If implemented, Microsoft’s Coronavirus passport would make obtaining a person’s medical record quick and easy. Ensuring the decentralization of information, taking advantage of the infrastructure of the Bitcoin Blockchain. Which would prevent any kind of manipulation of the data.

This of course generates fears in several sectors. Those who are concerned that the Microsoft passport may be a way to violate the privacy of citizens. Therefore, even if the capacities to implement this solution already exist, it remains to be seen whether it will be adopted by governments. Which makes this passport our Tip of the Day here at CryptoTrend.

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