Welcome Aboard the USS Enterprise

What makes CV-6, the USS Enterprise, a warship so beloved, so revered?

Sleek design is only part of the answer.

Powerful engines, ingenious mechanical systems, awesome electronics, the world’s most lethal aircraft – those are part of the answer too.

But, above all else, the stirring of emotions that people feel for the USS Enterprise comes from remembering the crew through the years who have given the USS Enterprise her soul.

Think about it. Without the men who have served aboard the USS Enterprise, she would be only a cold piece of floating steel.

That’s why this website exists. It’s to celebrate you who have manned the USS Enterprise and given her a legacy of honor and greatness. is devoted to telling the stories of the heroes of this mighty warship. And not just the standouts who’ve won the Medal of Honor or the Navy Cross or other major awards, but the unsung heroes as well – you and those you served alongside, the seamen, the petty officers and the brass, everyone who played an important role in peacetime or during war or both to see the missions of the USS Enterprise accomplished.

Visit often to reconnect with history, reconnect with your own past, reconnect with your shipmates – the heroes of the USS Enterprise.